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Workers Compensation Insurance for Home HealthCare Agencies

You have a successful home health care business and many, many important factors that go into having it run smoothly. I want to talk about Workers Compensation Insurance specifically for your Home Health Care agency and how it pertains to your business. Although it can be extremely costly at times, it is unarguably worth every penny. I will be touching on a few issues commonly associated with Workers Comp and Home Health Care. My goal is to to try and help you understand some vital information as well as help you hopefully avoid some very common mistakes.

First and foremost the main purpose of Workers Comp Insurance is to protect your greatest asset, your employees. Your employees are the most important commodity that you possess as without them there would be no way to generate income for your business. Since they are your most valuable asset you want to protect them at all costs, right? Right! Acquiring and maintaining this insurance is one of the best and probably the most effective ways you can protect them. If you think about it they are almost constantly at risk of being injured. They are assisting people who are not able to care for themselves. This requires them to be constantly exerting physical labor and energy not only for themselves but for another person and even multiple people at times. Most of the time they are in unfamiliar territory as well, which ups their odds of a simple misstep or misjudgment as to how much they can physically handle which could lead to injury.

As important as it is to have Workers Compensation Insurance for your Home Health Care Business to protect your employees, it is also illegal not to! In the State of California, if you have employees it is mandatory to maintain Workers Compensation Insurance. If you do not have this coverage and an employee is injured this can be devastating not only to the employee but to your business as well. Say someone who works for you is injured and this coverage is not available to them the repercussions can include but may not be limited to government fines, legal fees, and OSHA penalizing you etc. Some businesses have unfortunately learned this lesson the hard way and are sadly unable to ever recover from it.

So, now we are in agreement that Workers Compensation Insurance is absolutely vital to have. Another common and very easy mistake that is made is missing a simple payment or not complying with and audit within a reasonable time. I understand that things happen such as going on vacation and not getting the bill on time or even losing an employee who is responsible for handling this, it is almost inevitable in fact. For this very reason I am touching on this subject as it can be so easily missed. Several things can happen if this does take place. For starters even one day without it can leave you exposed even if they do decide they will reinstate your policy there is still no way the carrier will cover a claim. An employee can be hurt on that one day and you will personally be responsible for all fees, fines, medical bills etc. Another thing that can happen is if this happens consistently enough your carrier may choose not to reinstate your policy at all. This presents a problem as while your agent is trying to find new coverage for you a lapse in your old policy can be very unattractive to other companies who may be considering doing business with you. In turn you may not be able to get the best rates that may be available to your Home Health Care Business if they will even quote you at all. In short it will end up costing you much more money in the long run for even the most innocent mistake.

In conclusion, I hope I have helped shed some light for you today on why Workers Compensation Insurance is so vital to you and your Home Health Care business. If you still have questions or would like to learn more about this, we here at JVRC are always available to help guide you in the right direction. We are more than confident in our ability to help you with all of your Workers Comp Needs, With JVRC’s creative and innovative strategies, let us help find solutions and save you money on one of your most expensive responsibilities your business has. We are just one call or click away, contact us today!