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CA Workers Comp Insurance Blog

Welcome to the CA Workers Comp Insurance Blog. Here we will work to answer questions about California's Worker's Compensation Insurance policies. Below, you will see snippets of our most recent blogs. If you don't find the answer to your question, please feel free to submit your question and we will work to get you an answer. Thank you.

California High-Risk Workers Comp Insurance

If you have ever been called a “high-risk insured” by an insurance agent when shopping for California workers comp insurance quotes, you may have wondered what that means. In most cases, they are referring to your experience modification rate (EMR). This rate can have a direct effect on your workers comp premium which will determine what carriers will and will not write your coverage. Let’s take a look at what an EMR is, how it affects your workers comp policy, and what to do about it.

What is a High-Risked Insured?

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California Wokers Comp Necessary Questions and Answers

As a business owner, one of your main goals and responsibilities is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for your employees. Despite all your best efforts, though, sometimes accidents still happen. When your employees get injured or sick on the job, workers comp insurance can help protect you and your business. Workers comp covers your employees’ medical costs as well as covers your legal fees should they file a lawsuit. Let’s explore the details of California workers comp coverage and what you need to know to get started!


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California Workers Comp Audits and How They Affect Your Business!

As a business owner, you likely know how much effort goes in to finding and maintaining the best California workers comp policy, from shopping for the best rates to making sure you pay the appropriate premium throughout the year. Another part of a standard workers comp policy is the end-of-the-year audit. Insurance carriers perform audits to determine the accurate amount of workers comp premium that is owed for a policy term by auditing the insured’s payroll records for the expired policy term.

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When does California Workers Compensation coverage not apply to an employee?

Many California business owners may think that when their employees clock out at the end of the day, their workers comp coverage clocks out alongside them but that is not always the case.  Workers comp quotes and or policies cover the medical cost and loss of wages for your employees who have been injured while working on the job however what constitutes “on the job” can extend further than you may have thought. Let’s take a look at the rules governing how workers comp typically applies as well as the exception to those rules.

The Rules for Workers Compensation for Employees

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Owner/Officer Inclusions and Exclusions for California Workers Compensation and all Other States

As the business owner, you are used to putting yourself last; the last to leave the office, the last to take your lunch break, the last to get paid. However, should this be the case for your California workers compensation insurance coverage? When it comes to workers compensation, which will take care of your employees and team should they experience any injury while at work, you have the option to be included or excluded.

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What is the California State Compensation Insurance Fund and Its Purpose?

Taking a risk can sometimes lead to the best of opportunities. When it comes to your business insurance however, risk can be a potential setback. Many companies that are considered “high risk” can have a more difficult time obtaining insurance coverage. That’s why the insurance department teamed up with the California state labor department and created the Workers Comp Joint Underwriting Associations (WCJUA) or Joint Underwriting Associations (JUA) to accept the “hard-to-place” businesses.

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How you the Employer can contribute to California Workers Compensation Claims

A California workers compensation claim can seem overwhelming, especially if you have not been through the process before. During these times, it can be tough to determine what your role as the employer is. How involved do you become in this process to ensure everything is being taken care of properly and in the best interest of your employee and your business? Employers play a key role in the claim process but may not be sure where to start.

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Profitability Rising in California and Nationwide for Workers’ Comp Industry

Is the California Workers’ Compensation industry experiencing a peak in profit? According to Conning, Inc.’s new Insurance Research study, this is true. The results from the 2015 reports show loss ratios, as a whole, were the “lowest we have seen since 1995,” as stated by Vice President of the Conning study, Jerry Theodorou (

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Hotel Cleaning Firm Charged with Workers Comp Fraud

The owners of a janitorial company serving luxury hotels in Southern California and Nevada are charged with running a $7 million workers’ compensation insurance and tax evasion scam, prosecutors announced Monday. The Kwons are charged with insurance fraud, tax evasion and extortion. They each face up to 31 years in prison if convicted. Six other people also have been charged in the alleged scheme.

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How to Collect Workers Compensation

So you want to know how to collect workers compensation? It is easier than you might think. If you have been injured on the job then simply go to the doctor and tell them what happened. Simply filing a claim means that you have over a 95% chance of being approved in California. According to a recent study, about 15% of claims are revied and over 95% are approved. So, if you have been hurt, then file a claim.

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Workers Comp Scam

Five people were charged in a workers comp scam in Southern California. The $580 million dollar scam included hospital executives, doctors, patients and surgeons. Read the entire article by clicking more.

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Work Comp Claims

Claim frequency is a huge issue in California Workers' Comp insurance. The latest reports show that LA is higher than the state average while the Bay Area regions have lower frequencies of claims. Supposedly the study takes wage level differences and industrial differences into account for the comparison. The highest claim severities are found in the Central Valley and urban coastal areas and much lower if more rural parts of California.

The Study examines geographical differences in:

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How to Reduce Workers Compensation Costs

Want to know how to reduce workers compensation costs? Here are five of the best ways to lower your work comp expenses.

Get Competitive Quotes

We could just stop the conversation right there. Competitive insurance quotes from large and smaller business insurance companies can save you huge money and cut your costs drastically.

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California Workers Comp Reform

The California workers comp reform made a few years ago is saving the State hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wait, scratch that, how about over 750 million every year! That's crazy, but true according to Insurance Journal this morning. Did Jerry Brown do something that worked? It looks like his Senate Bill No. 863 that was signed on Sept. 18, 2012 is helping the California Workers' Compensation system save huge money.

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Workers Comp Reforms Working in California

A new worker’s compensation study across seventeen states is showing that recent work comp reforms are working. The recent reforms made to California's Workers Comp are following the same positive pattern. The Workers’ Comp division of the Department of Industrial Relations released a report that showed increased payments to workers and money-saving benefits for employers.

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Workers Compensation Quotes

So, you are starting a new business, acquiring an existing business or just shopping around for Workers Compensation Insurance for your existing business. Let me start by telling you about one of the most important things you need to do your due diligence on so you can make sure you get the most competitive rates possible. One word, well three words actually. Workers Compensation Quote(s), but emphasis on the QUOTES!

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Evaluating Home Health Care Workers Comp Insurance Providers

You own a new home health care business and are looking to do your research on Workers compensation Providers. This is great because when it comes to this matter you can never be too educated or informed! There are so many avenues which you can take and since it is such a large business expense it is very important to explore all of the so you can make the best decision possible.

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Workers Compensation Providers & Home Health Care Businesses

So, you have just successfully opened your home health care business, congratulations! Up until this point you have put tons of energy and effort into tasks like finding a location, acquiring City and State licenses, purchasing equipment and last but definitely not least, and hiring employees.  Your employees are the bread and butter of your particular business they should be protected and treated accordingly. In the rest of this blog I will be helping to give you some insight into Workers Compensation industry providers and some tips and tricks to help you find the right fit for you.

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Workers Compensation Insurance for Home HealthCare Agencies

You have a successful home health care business and many, many important factors that go into having it run smoothly. I want to talk about Workers Compensation Insurance specifically for your Home Health Care agency and how it pertains to your business. Although it can be extremely costly at times, it is unarguably worth every penny. I will be touching on a few issues commonly associated with Workers Comp and Home Health Care. My goal is to to try and help you understand some vital information as well as help you hopefully avoid some very common mistakes.

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2014 Workers Compensation

Are you struggling to keep up with all the latest trends in regards to the changes in 2014 Workers Compensation Insurance? Check out this blog for everything you would like to know about the ever changing Workers Compensation industry! This blog is fantastic, it’s full of changes recently made to laws in 2014, statistics and factoids you will absolutely want to know. To see the full blog, please click on the link below:

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Do Independent Contractor’s Need Workers Comp in California?

One frequently asked question in our industry is: do independent contractors need workers comp insurance? How about 1099 independent contractors in California?

If you are truly an independent contractor by definition and you meet the government’s guidelines then the answer would be no. You must be very careful when determining whether or not you are classified as an employee or a true independent contractor, the answer to that depends on many factors.

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