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How to Collect Workers Compensation

So you want to know how to collect workers compensation? It is easier than you might think. If you have been injured on the job then simply go to the doctor and tell them what happened. Simply filing a claim means that you have over a 95% chance of being approved in California. According to a recent study, about 15% of claims are revied and over 95% are approved. So, if you have been hurt, then file a claim.

Of course this isn't good news for employers. So why bring it up? Make sure you have insurance. If it too expensive, then make sure to contact a smaller workers compensation insurance provider. They survive on quality service and there are fewer middle managers that need to get paid.

Make sure you get a wokers compensation quote for at least two providers. You'll quickly see the difference. First get one from your payroll company, then get a local provider. For the same coverage you can save 20% to even 50% in some cases.